Secure your Home Improvement Investment, Embark on Exciting Renovation Projects

We understand that embarking on home improvement projects is an exhilarating journey. But with every adventure comes the need for protection.

We specialize in providing comprehensive coverage tailored specifically to the needs of home improvement contractors like you. We offer a range of insurance solutions that protect your investments, mitigate risks, and offer peace of mind throughout the home improvement journey.

Meeting Your Everyday Insurance Needs

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Types of Home Improvement Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Safeguard against risks with our comprehensive General Liability Insurance. It covers third-party incidents like customer accidents. Bundle it with Commercial Property Insurance for savings in a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP).

Ideal for:
  • Customer injuries
  • Advertising and personal injuries
  • Products-completed operations coverage

Business Owner's Policy

Get cost-effective coverage with our Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). It combines General Liability and Commercial Property Insurance, tailored for renovation professionals.

Ideal for:
  • Client accidents
  • Client property damage
  • Stolen or damaged business property

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Comply with state requirements and protect employees and yourself. Workers’ Comp covers employee medical payments, lost wages, and employer’s liability.

Ideal for:
  • Employee medical payments
  • Partial lost wages
  • Employer’s liability coverage

Commercial Auto Insurance

Stay protected with our Commercial Auto Insurance. It covers accidents involving your business vehicle, property damage, injuries, and theft, meeting state requirements.

Ideal for:
  • Renovation vehicle damage
  • Injuries caused to others
  • Vehicle vandalism and theft

Contractor's Tools and Equipment Insurance

Cover repair or replacement costs for your tools and equipment. Our policy includes saws, drills, hammers, and more. Ideal for equipment less than five years old and tools used on job sites.

Ideal for:
  • Equipment under five years old
  • Job site tools
  • Small renovation tools

Professional Liability Insurance

Protect against legal costs related to work performance. Our Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions Insurance) covers failure to meet deadlines, provide contracted services, and professional negligence.

Ideal for:
  • Failure to provide contracted services
  • Remodeling errors or oversights
  • Professional negligence
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